Life Science and Biology Interactive Notebook Bundle

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This Comprehensive Bundle includes all TEN of our Life Science and Biology Interactive Notebook Activities with 200+ activities to cover your entire life science curriculum: introduction to interactive notebooks, get to know you activities, scientific method, cells, genetics, evolution, classification, human body, ecology and end of year activity packs. These activities can be used as stand-alone activities or can be used to supplement and add enrichment to our Life Science Curriculum Bundle or your own curriculum. When using our INB activities, we recommend you disseminate the material however you like, whether you verbally share answers, have students research and answer, create meaningful discussions, or make a simple PowerPoint for students to view.


*This product can also be found in our Life Science Supplemental Bundle which has all of our supplementary Life Science materials including Task cards and Word Wall.

This bundle contains SEVEN Life Science Interactive Notebook Units and THREE supplemental bundles – Introduction, Back to School and End of Year. Each unit comes with:
– Engaging INB activities offered with color or blackline illustrations. Many activities fit on a 1/2 a page so you save paper and can make half as many copies!
– Directions for each activity
– Answer keys
– Photographs of each activity from our INB

The concpets addressed in each unit are detailed below:

Science Interactive Notebook Introduction and SET-UP LESSON
– 32 Slide Instructional PowerPoint to guide students in the set-up of their INB
– Science Cover Page Template
– EDITABLE Cover Page Template
– All About Me Author Page
– Table of Contents Template
– Life Science Root Words
– Earth Science Root Words
– Physical Science Root Words
– BLANK Root Words Template
– BLANK Important Information for this Class Template
– What’s Your SCI-Q? Science Understanding Activity
– INB Guidelines
– EDITABLE INB Guidelines Template
– International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Activity
– EDITABLE Syllabus in standard and INB format

– The Colors of Me: bulletin board coloring activity about students
– All About Me: organized hexagonal activity about student for bulletin board
– Three Lies and a Truth: INB sharing activity
– Tell the Teacher: A student questionnaire for teachers
– Classmate Interview: Get to know your classmate pairing activity
– I Will Poem: A student created poem for your bulletin board
– Social Circle: Finding similarities among students for INB or bulletin board

– Everyday science writing activity
– Science Spell it Flip Book
– Observation, Inference, & Prediction flipper
– Hypothesis, Laws, & Theories flipper
– Types of Variables flipper
– Steps of the Scientific Method cut and past
– Steps of the Scientific Method slider activity
– Steps of the Scientific Method flipper
– Steps of the Scientific Method card sort
– Steps of the Scientific Method concept map cut and paste
– Create your own scientific method cut and paste
– Metric conversion cut and paste
– Metric conversion practice flags
– Lab safety story
– Intro to lab equipment
– Glassware flipper
– Interactive thermometers with Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion
– Interactive Graduated cylinders
– Centimeter ruler practice
– Data Analysis and Graphing tabbed mini-book

– Title pages and KWL charts for each unit
– Two Needs of Living Things Flippers
– Characteristics of Life flipper
Levels of Organization:
– Two cut and paste activities
– Illustrating the Levels of Organization activity
– Slider activity
Intro to Cells
– Robert Hooke flipper
– Microscope parts cut and paste and function identification
– Cell “spell it” mini-book
– Two Cell Theory flippers
– Cells of the body flipper
– Eukaryotic vs. Prokaryotic comparison cut and paste Venn Diagram
– Cells of the six kingdoms cut and paste concept map
– Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Organelle Structure, Function, and Comparison:
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Organelle Comparison
– Plant cell organelle function and location cut and paste activity
– Animal cell organelle function and location cut and paste
– Bacteria cell organelle function and location cut and paste
Plant & Animal Cell Organelle Comparison Booklets
– Plant and animal cell foldout mini-booklet
– Plant and Animal cell BIG books for structure, function, and analogy- great for coloring too!
Cell Transport:
– Endocytosis cut and paste
Exocytosis cut and paste
– Osmotic Solutions flipper
– Moving cellular materials flip booklet covering active transport, passive transport, osmosis, and transport proteins
Celular Respiration & Photosynthesis:
– Two formula cut and paste activities
– 40+ cards for card sorting, including pockets
Cell Reproduction:
– Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cell reproduction Venn diagram flipper
– Mitosis card sort activity in two sizes for INB and classroom use (23 cards in each set)
– Mitosis cut and paste and phase identification activity.

– Intro/Review for Human Body – blank template for a student created mini-book of human body systems, blank template for student or whole class created large book of systems, color and black line body system pictures for students to identify and describe organs and system function
– Integumentary system – layers of skin flipper, parts of the fingernail cut and paste identification and function activity (root, lunula, nail plate, free margin, matrix, nail bed), body temperature regulation flipper
– Muscular system – voluntary vs. involuntary muscles flipper, types of muscles flipper (cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle)
– Skeletal system – parts of a long bone cut and paste identification and function activity (periosteum, compact bone, marrow, spongy bone), types of bone cells flipper (osteoclast, osteoblast, osteocyte, lining cells)
– Digestive system – accessory vs. digestive tract organs flipper, types of digestive juices flipper (pancreatic juice, bile, gastric juice, saliva), organs of the digestive tract mini foldout, mechanical vs. chemical digestion flipper
– Circulatory system – types of circulation flipper (systemic, coronary, pulmonary), parts of the blood flipper (types of cells, plasma, platelets), parts of the heart flipper
– Lymphatic system – what causes diseases concept math cut and paste, types of lymphocytes flipper (NK, T, and B Cells)
– Respiratory system – parts of the respiratory system labeling activity (larynx, trachea, bronchial tubes, bronchioles, lungs, alveoli, diaphragm), breathing vs. cellular respiration concept map flipper
– Urinary system – parts of the urinary system flipper, parts of the nephron cut and paste identification and function activity (glomerulus, arteries/veins, loop of henle, tubule, capillary bed)
– Reproductive system – sperm vs. egg cells venn diagram flipper, stages of development flipper (fertilization, zygote, embryo, fetus)
– Endocrine system – glands and hormones of the endocrine system cut and paste identification and function activity (thyroid, pituitary, parathyroid, adrenal, thymus, pancreas, ovaries, testes), diseases of the endocrine system cut and paste concept map
– Nervous system – parts of the brain cut and paste identification and function activity (left and right cerebral hemisphere, cerebellum, brain stem/spinal cord), neuron cut and paste identification and function activity (dendrite, cell body, nucleus, myelin sheath, axon, axon terminal), 5 senses flipper.
– Intro to Ecology spell-it booklet
– Ecosystem title page with essay question and KWL chart
– Six characteristics flipper
– Needs of Living Things 4 door flipper and 4 square cutout
– Levels of Organization Cut, color, paste, and define for organism, population, community, ecosystem/biome, and biosphere.
– Levels of Organization draw, color, and define for subatomic particle through to the universe.
– Biotic and Abiotic Factors Picture flip book for identifying and describing biotic and abiotic factors
– Biotic and Abiotic Factors 12 flag flipper problems in two sizes.
– Food Chains and Food Webs key vocabulary terms (2 activities)- Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers cut and paste activity
– Build a chain activity with a 3-d and ribbon template (includes organisms to choose from)
– Build a tide pool food web (includes organisms)
– Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramid 3-d foldable pyramid
– 3-d build a mountain biome describing food chain and trophic levels
– Types of interactions flipper detailing competition, symbiosis, and predation
– Symbiosis booklet (small and large version) for mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism
– Types of competition 4 door flipper for interspecies, intraspecific, exploitative, and interference
– Biosphere cut and paste for hydrosphere, lithosphere, and atmosphere
– Build a biome template- Mountain climate 3-d activity- Biome distribution 3-d pyramid
– Biomes of the world fold out (Desert, Prairie/Grassland, Savanna, Arctic and Alpine Tundra, Taiga, Temperate Forest, Tropical Rainforest, Wetlands, Rivers/Streams, Lakes/Ponds, Marine)
– Water/Hydrologic Cycle cut and paste activity
– Nitrogen Cycle cut and paste activity
– Carbon Cycle cut and paste actiity
– Parts of succession activity to identify pioneer species to climax community
– The three rês of conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle) flipper
– Renewable vs non renewable venn diagram flipper
– Native, non-native, and non-native invasive species flipper

– Introduction to Genetics: Word cloud activity and KWL chart
– Genes “Spell-It” booklet with open ended questions
– Who is Gregor Mendel four door flipper
– Genetics vocabulary flipper
– Punnett square vocabulary cut and paste and flipper
– Punnett square practice model
– Make your own Punnett square practice model
– You’re such a square Punnett square cut and paste problems with questions
– Punnett square practice problems and questions
– THREE Build a frog Punnett square activity
– Non-Mendelian inheritance patterns flipper
– Non-Mendelian inheritance measuring activity
– DNA discovery flipper: Watson, Crick, Wilkins, and Franklin
– DNA shape and composition coloring activity
– Minuscule DNA cut and paste from cell to DNA
– Types of mutations flipper
– Protein synthesis mini-book – two versions
– DNA and RNA flipper
– Mitosis and Meiosis Venn diagram cut and paste comparison
– Genetic engineering vocabulary flippers
– Hybrid organisms flipper activity
– Genetic diseases cut and paste concept map
– Understanding pedigrees cut activity

– Evolution introduction vocabulary word cloud and graphic organizer
– Evolution “evolves” mini-booklet
– Evolution vocabulary flippers (2)
– Who is Charles Darwin four door flipper
– The controversy of evolution writing activity using political cartoons
– Darwin’s Galapagos travels and his finches notes and cut and paste
– Types of speciation flipper
– Natural selection and peppered moths cut and paste simulation
– Natural vs. artificial selection cut and paste Venn diagram
– Natural selection and survival of the fittest flipper
– Types of camouflage flipper
– Whale evolution card sort
– Evidence of evolution flipper
– Radioactive dating accordion booklet
– Evolution summary concept map

– Classification introduction vocabulary word cloud and graphic organizer
– Taxonomy “taxon” mini-booklet
– Classification vocabulary flipper
– Tools of Classification flipper featuring dichotomous keys, cladograms, and binomial nomenclature
– Levels of Classification flipper
– The Three Domains flipper
– Six Kingdoms flipper
– Six Kingdoms pie chart
– Parts of a Virus cut and paste (and discussion of why they are not living)
– Virus dichotomous key cut and paste
– Virus Reproduction cut and paste
– Bacteria parts and function cut and paste
– How do Bacteria Get Energy flipper
– The Shapes of Bacteria
– The Three Types of Protists flipper – animal-like, plant-like, fungus-like
– Euglena parts and function cut and paste
– Paramecium parts and function cut and paste
– Three Types of Fungi flipper
– Parts of a Mushroom cut and paste
– Classifying Plants flipper – vascular/non-vascular; angiosperm/gymnosperm
– Life cycle of a non-vascular plant
– Moss parts and function cut and paste
– Flower parts and function cut and paste
– Leaf cross section parts and function cut and paste
– Types of Tropisms flippers
– Types of Animal Teeth flipper
– Types of Symmetry flipper
– Insect Body Plan flipper
– Gimme Five Vertebrate Animal cut and paste
– Firefly Life Cycle cut and paste
– Invertebrate and Vertebrate card sort
– Frog Metamorphosis flipper

– Course and Self Evaluation pages
– What This Year Meant to Me flipper
– School Days flipper
– Four Main Subjects: What I Learned flipper
– My School Year in Review #1 flipper
– My School Year in Review #2 tab book
– Spell-it: A Reflection on Learning flipper
– School Year Mini Memory Book
– School Year Memory Book
– Top Ten List for Upcoming Students

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