Unique, Engaging and differentiated science lessons that will grab students’ attention and get them excited about the natural world.



Finding time to make engaging lessons is virtually impossible for today’s busy teacher. That’s where we come in. We’re two former secondary life science teachers with a true passion for curriculum design. We collaborate daily to create unique, engaging and differentiated science lessons that we know will grab students’ attention and get them excited about the natural world. Our products are simple to implement, easy on the budget and save precious time when it comes to lesson planning for both teacher and home-school parents alike.

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Teachers around the world are Getting Nerdy… you can too

“So thankful for all the wonderful resources Mel and Gerdy have made over these year. I had a student who once was not really interested in science. The cell project (found in the cell complete bundle unit) really brought my student to life. Even the younger grades were looking forward to doing this the next year!!”



“I have been teaching for 13 years, and I felt like my curriculum was getting a little tired. After considering the amount of time I would have to invest to create new presentations, notes, worksheets and labs, I decided to make the purchase. I thank myself everyday for doing it! The quality of the materials is excellent and perfect for my special education high school students. Thank you Mel and Gerdy for being so nerdy!”

– Buyer


“This unit was WONDERFUL! This is my first year teaching Life Science and this unit had everything I needed in it. I liked it so much I bought the Ecology unit.”

– Christine H.


“I LOVE this frog! I used it in my Biology Classes this week and it was an excellent way to have them learn the parts of the frog prior to dissection. They so enjoyed it! Thank you for producing such quality work!”

– Pamela K.


“This is by far my favorite store. I used some of this to review at the beginning of the semester. Looking forward to using the whole thing at the beginning of the next year.”

– Gabrielle I.


“This is the first product I have purchased from TPT because I am always concerned about the level of rigor/practicality of the products, but I am so glad I took the risk! I used this as a review activity worried about letting them roam around the room, but they were engaged and on task the entire time.””

– Kaitlyn R