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A Day in the Life of A Science Teacher

Wanna walk a day in our shoes? Here's what a day in the life of a Nerdy science teacher (aka Mel and Gerdy) looks like: 7:00 am: Arrive at school. Gather materials to be copied if needed. We loved raiding the copy machine for as long as we could each morning in order...

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3 Tips for Differentiating Lessons in Science

Differentiation... every instructional coach, administrator and professional development seminar's favorite buzz word.  It can be overwhelming, but it does't necessarily mean that you need to call the school nurse for the defibrillator. Do these questions seem like...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Interactive Notebooks

It doesn’t matter if you are new to notebooking or a veteran – INBs are for every teacher and every classroom, and set-up and consistent implementation is key. Interactive notebooks, also known as INBs or ISNs, keep students organized for the year, prevent work from...

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How to Effectively Use Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks, INBs, ISNs…  whatever you call them, they are proving to be THE MOST popular and talked about way to engage students in the classroom.  We used our interactive notebooks from day one and we found that our students loved them because it was their...

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Ten Things You Should Do for a Great Back to School

Welcome back to school! Whether you’re new to the classroom or a seasoned vet, the first week is ALWAYS nerve-wracking, conjuring up nightmares of dissections gone awry and showing up to work in only your lab coat... yikes! We know all too well how hard those first...

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Six Ways to Save Time Using Interactive Notebooks

Dear Mel and Gerdy, "I buy your products, and my students take FOREVER to cut the pages out. What suggestions do you have to minimize the time it takes to cut and paste the pages into their interactive notebooks? I don't want to cut pages myself on my prep time...

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