Da Vinci Thinkers and TinkerersApril is the month of showers that bring May flowers, so we’ll shower you with some awesome inventors and inventions. Enjoy!


April 1, 1776: Sophie Germain, French mathematician, known for work in numbers theory and contributions to the applied mathematics of acoustics and elasticity


April 5, 1951: Dean Kamen, American businessman and inventor, created the Segway, the AutoSyringe mobile dialysis system, and the insulin pump


April 6, 1953: Andy Hertzfeld, American computer scientist and inventor, co-invented the Apple Macintosh, and founded the companies Radius, General Magic and Eazel


April 9, 1830: Eadweard Muybridge, English photographer, pioneered the study of motion photography


April 15, 1452: Leonardo da Vinci, Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect and engineer, first to draw parts of the body  in cross-section and make casts of the ventricles of the heart and brain 


April 16, 1921: Marie Maynard Daly, American biochemist, first African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. in chemistry


April 22, 1929: Margaret Pereira, Scotland Yard forensics expert, one of the UK’s leading experts in ABO blood grouping


April 23, 1856: Granville T. Woods, American inventor, most prolific African-American inventor of the late 19th/early 20th century with contributions to the telephone and streetcar


April 27, 1896: Wallace Hume Carothers, American chemist, inventor and leader of organic chemistry at Dupont, invented nylon


April 30, 1777: Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician, considered the world’s greatest mathematician

Events & Inventions

April 2, 1827: Joseph Dixon manufactured the first lead pencils at his factory in Salem, Massachusetts

April 5, 1909: The first U.S. institute for research of nervous diseases The Neurological Institute of New York was incorporated


April 7, 1964: IBM launched System/360, a group of six mutually compatible computers and 40 peripherals that could work together


April 8, 1898: The first U.S. college of forestry was created at Cornell University


April 10, 1790: President George Washington signed into law the first U.S. patent statute, while the country had only twelve states


April 11, 1952: A team of doctors lead by Irving Cooper in Islip, NY, successfully treated Parkinson’s disease with surgery for the first time


April 14, 1993: British archeologists uncovered a 7,000 year old seafarer’s village on an island in the United Arab Emirates


April 19, 1982: NASA announced that the first African-American astronaut would be Guion Bluford, Jr. and the first female astronaut would be Sally K. Ride


April 26, 1892: A U.S. patent for a specialized “ironing board” was issued to black former slave and American inventor, Sarah Boone


April 30, 1665: Samuel Pepys made his first diary entry about the Great Plague in London.



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