Whether you’re just starting the year or you’re already at the home stretch, discussing scientific principles is important in any science classroom. Grab students’ attention and maintain their interest throughout your class using this FREE Science Cubing Activity and PowerPoint.

This is a great individual or group activity that hooks students and gets them thinking about what science means to them. Use it as an introduction to your class, mid-year refresher, substitute activity, end of year reflection – the list goes on and on.  This activity is dependent upon individual student understanding, so it’s great for any level of learner, at any grade level, and in any science class.

Be a Science Square!?

Objective:  Complete this cubing activity to show what you know about science in the world around you. Pair up with a buddy and discuss the bell work.

Engage: We ask students to pair up and discuss what they know about science. Students can create a word cloud or concept map to show any and all random thoughts about science whether it be specific or general in nature. We also ask students to think about what they know about the people who do science. They may discuss individual scientists they have heard of like Albert Einstein or they may discuss particular schooling or jobs scientists can have.

Explore: Using an open ended PowerPoint that takes students through the process of discussing the different ways science can be used in their lives, students will write down their own answers to the following questions:

  • Who does science?
  • What is science?
  • What ISN’T science?
  • What does it look like to DO science?
  • How does science apply to YOUR everyday life?
  • Provide an example of a job from earth, life, and physical science

Explain: Students will discuss their individual answers in small groups. They will come together with their group mates and compare their answers, discuss, and determine which ideas should be written and drawn on their final draft cube.   Once they are ready, they raise their hand and receive a cube template!    

Extend: Students will work together to create their cube as a team in order to display their ideas about scientific principles. Not only must they write their ideas down in a brief summary but they must also illustrate their stance. They then cut out the cube template and assemble it. When they are all done, you can have students display their colored cubes by taping them to your classroom door or your bulletin board. It’s a great way to decorate the room and shows that their knowledgeable contribution to class is important. Your kiddos will love to see their teacher brag about their great work!

Evaluate: Assign each student a question and have them share their group answer in front of the class. Then come together and ask the underlying question – what do they REALLY know about the scientific world? They’ll probably say they have quite a bit to learn! But this lesson will give them a hint of what your science class will involve for the rest of the year – hands on activities, group discussion, collaboration, and more!

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