It was the fall of 2008, and we had just started our first year of teaching together. Mel had just cut off her long locks for a shorter, “cute new teacher” bob.  Gerdy’s hair was like a lion’s mane, fierce to match her teaching style (she’s gonna kill me later for writing this).  Anyhow, we were so excited to begin our journey together from mentor and student teacher  to (yay!) colleagues.  We signed up for all kinds of opportunities – two memorable experiences we had the chance to participate in were the Jones New York Teacher in the Spotlight fashion show and this incredible opportunity – to fly with other math and science teachers on the Zero G “Vomit Comet” plane and experience weightlessness.

We came up with a few experiments that related to life science that we could bring back to the classroom (lung capacity, what happens when you exercise in weightless environments, exposing seeds to weightlessness).  We then compiled this video to show our students what we did during our short but exciting trip.  Let’s just say that as we’re watching this video while we write this post, we’re dying laughing.  It was extremely difficult to do ANYTHING in the short period of weightlessness we experienced and it was such an amazing and crazy experience, it was hard not to just enjoy what was happening and laugh hysterically (like a bunch of hyenas so it seems).  Pretty sure neither one of us closed our mouths the entire time we were on the plane… 🙂 Enjoy!


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