Play Who Wants to Live a Million Years and test your ability to evolve, adapt and survive!

Looking for a fun way to bring evolution and adaptation to life in your science class? This Getting Nerdy fan-favorite is one of the BEST online games to demonstrate natural selection in action. Choose the initial traits for your population of adorable, sausage-bodied animals, keeping in mind the conditions of the environment that surrounds you. Will your adaptations help you to live, or will you go extinct amidst the harsh reality of prehistoric planet Earth? Only time will decide…Play Who Wants to Live a Million Years!


Expand the game play into your lesson plan for the day with our aligned notes, graphic organizers and extension activities. Students learn about Charles Darwin and his voyage on the HMS Beagle, then create a population of animals to play Who Wants to Live a Million Years. While playing, students can use the handouts to track their population over time as various environmental challenges impact their species and threaten their efforts to survive. Did they survive? Did they go extinct?


Whatever their fate, students will sum up the activity by taking the online quiz as well as answering extension questions related to their experience. Grab the individual lesson or our whole Evolution Unit Bundle below!

Good luck and may the best population of sausage-bodied critters win!

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