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Use our Life Science differentiated vocabulary to learn about Carolus Linnaeus’ system for classifying organisms (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Genus, species, etc) according to their characteristics such as cell type, reproductive and eating habits, body structure and function, etc.

Our differentiated vocabulary lessons are perfect for any classroom. The readings are the same for below and above level readers but the questions are differentiated. Students don't even need to know that they are receiving work that is different from their peers as they

This Classification Differentiated Vocabulary Lesson is perfect for:

* Below level readers - ESOL students or those that require scaffolding and support as the vocabulary terms are bold face in the reading and the questions are simplified with matching or recall activities.

* Above level readers - Honors, challenge or AP students as the vocabulary terms are not in bold, students use graphic organizers, make their own definitions, and answer extension questions which require inference skills.

We have vocabulary sheets for all biology/life science topics:

1. Scientific Method
2. Cells
3. Cell Processes
4. Genetics
5. Evolution
6. Classification
7. Human Body: Medical Prefixes and Suffixes
8. Ecology - a FREE vocabulary lesson that goes along with our Intro to Ecology mini-bundle.

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